What is FRED?

FRED stands for FRont End Developers, and is (as far as we can tell) the first multi-city meetup for front-end devs.

FRED provides an outlet for front-end developers to talk and share about this exciting and crucial new craft.

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Can I get involved in FRED?

Yes! Whether it's starting your own FRED, speaking at a FRED event, or just joining in the discussion online, we'd love to have your voice contribute to FRED.

FRED is not a bureacracy, and you don't need anyone's permission. Just start something and keep us updated. We'll help however we can. As a reminder we do not endorse recruiters and solicitors at any FRED event. At its core FRED is a learning platform to connect with the community about Front-end Web Development.

Who is FRED?

FRED is you, me, and other FRont End Developers around the web. To become a FRED, you just have to attend a meet up or join in on the discussion online. It's that easy!

The FRED organization itself was originally started by Chris Van Patten and Dennis Gaebel in Buffalo, N.Y.. After a successful couple of months, they decided FRED was ready to see the world, and with the help of Simon Owen from Manchester, U.K., began building the FRED movement.